The choices in this election

Americans have 2 big decisions to make this election season.

The first is rather obvious. Establishment vs outsiders. Are we satisfied with the “system” as it stands right now or do we want to change the system. Do we want a President who is going to fiddle around the edges but largely keep things exactly the same or a President who is looking to break the existing system.

The second, assuming we are tired of the “system” which most seem to be, is what we want the USA to look like. Are we going to be one nation or are we going to be 300 million people living within a political border. Are we going to be a nation of economic and social darwinism or are we a nation that rises and falls together? Do we look at the most vulnerable among us and say “die quickly” or “let me help you”?


1) Marco Rubio: He is a figurehead. Rubio reads from a script and does not know how to go off script. He says what his handlers/sponsors tell him to say. He is like George W. Bush. We all know that Cheney was the brains of the operation and Bush was the likable figurehead. Rubio sounds more intelligent than Bush, but he is 100% scripted. So if he gets into office who is going to be making the decisions for him? Call the Koch brothers? He is the conservative establishment. He is going to fiddle around the edges to support his sponsors while not being so extreme that the people see through him completely.

2) Hillary Clinton: She is the establishment and effectively a conservative on economic and foreign policy issues and a mild liberal on social issues. She has the same policies as Bill Clinton, or even more right leaning, without the charm. She will fiddle around the edges on social policy while maintaining the system in general. Remember in 2008, she was the conservative one between her and Obama. Look how liberal he has been.

3) Ted Cruz: Cruz is the epitome of economic darwinism candidates. He will happily eliminate the Federal Government other than the military. Sell the nations assets to whatever corporation wants them and leave everyone to the whims of their boss or the chemical plant that moves in next door.

4) Trump: Trump is a hodge-podge of policy. Mostly, he is for whatever boosts his ego and will make him the most money. He will gladly turn the country into a plutocracy while blaming every group other than the corporate masters. He uses social darwinism to enable economic darwinism. “Blame the group that is not exactly like you for why your boss got a raise for firing you”.

5) Sanders: Sanders says we need to be one nation that works to improve all of us together and this can only be done by replacing the system. That means that we have to pay taxes, but in return we get things for our taxes that we all need.

So take your pick. Do you mostly like the system as is (Rubio/Clinton)? Do you think everyone should be entirely on their own (Trump/Cruz)? Do you think we should all pitch in a bit for the common good (Sanders)?