Holy shitballs, that is huge!

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One thing I have noticed is that people (myself included) really have no sense of scale. We do fine on things that we can actually see, but when something is too big or too small for us to see completely, we very quickly fail to really understand. This even applies to things that we think […]

You might be a birther if….

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I was trying to decide on what to write about in the 15 years worth of topics backlog in my brain. After the recent stupidity with the government shutdown, lead by the best and brightest of the Tea Party collective, the birther contingent is an easy target to write about. Amazingly, 5 years in, there […]

We the people

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I started a petition to demand a new amendment to the constitution. The amendment strips the power to manipulate elections from the politicians and political parties and makes the presidency and congress truly representative of the people. The political landscape in this country has become polarized to cater to the most extreme and the politically […]