An open letter to Anjem Choudary about the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Anjem Choudary penned a letter after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in support of the attackers. That letter can be seen here. This is my response him and the fundamentalists whom he supports. As well as fundamentalist from other religions who have in one way or another supported the attacks.

Mr. Choudary,

You say that the cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo committed blasphemy and therefore deserved to die. I assert to you that there was no blasphemy at all. You, sir, have a fundamental misunderstanding of what cartoonist do. Cartoonist are a fun house mirror reflection of the world around them. The head is too big for a tiny body, but it is still just a reflection in the mirror.

You said “Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone.”. What you do not say, but imply is that people should then turn to yourself to be told what the commands of Allah are. History is replete with men such as yourself. Those who use religion as a weapon. You who use the name of Allah and the words of the Quran for your own glory and power.

The name of Allah should espouse feelings of love and awe to the followers of Islam and honor to non-followers. However, you and others who espouse your extremist views, have perverted the message of Islam. You have caused the name of Allah to be associated with fear, intolerance, and violence. You have turned that which you claim to hold dearest to be the symbol of horror.

From my understanding, the image for which Charlie Hebdo was attacked was of Allah holding his head in shame from what the extremists such as yourself have done while hiding behind the Quran. That is the feeling of the vast majority of Muslims. Charlie Hebdo just held up a mirror to those feelings. Just look at the reaction of near universal condemnation for the murder of the cartoonist. It was murder. One of the greatest sins one can commit.

The next time there is a cartoon of the Prophet or of Allah and you want to scream blasphemy, ask yourself, who are they a reflection of. When you look to point fingers and assign blame, you should look in the mirror. You just might find who you are looking for.